Do you feel like you have a hormone imbalance?
You've likely been to your doctor, asked to have your hormones tested and been told that "everything is fine" or "it's all in your head."

GAH! First of all, I'm sorry. But I hope you know that your mission to discover what is going on with your body doesn't have to end here.

I am empowering you with an option today that can change the trajectory of what's going on in your body and get you feeling incredible again!

Enter Saliva Hormone Testing...

Saliva hormone testing is a non-invasive way of testing hormones. 

Unlike serum or urine testing, saliva hormone testing measures bioavailable hormones, which is the most accurate reflection of the body’s active hormone levels. 

Clients collect their saliva in plastic tubes in the comfort of their own home and send them to the lab.

When should you test...

If you’re suspecting a hormone imbalance, I highly recommend getting hormones tested.
Symptoms of hormone imbalance can include (but aren’t limited to):

  •  Low energy
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss resistance
  • ​Irregular periods
  • Heavy/painful periods​
  • ​Night sweats
  • ​Hot flashes
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ​ Low libido
  • Fertility struggles
  • ​Headaches and/or migraines

Here's What Past Clients Have To Say

How come my Dr. can't help me?

It's not that your doctor doesn't want to help you, he/she is just limited in the way they can help. 
Limited Testing
Doctors test serum (blood), which doesn't measure bioavailable hormones (hormones that are available to be used by your body) so you are not getting the most accurate of readings. 

The only hormones that should be tested via serum include thyroid and insulin (blood sugar) or if your doctor is trying to confirm a pregnancy or menopause. 

All other hormones or reasons for testing hormones should be tested via saliva for accuracy.

Limited Interpretation
The majority of doctors use wide lab ranges to interpret your results, meaning your results may be within lab ranges, but since lab ranges are so wide, they usually are not optimal for you and therefore you likely have symptoms that interfere with the quality of your life.

Ex. TSH (thyroid hormone) results may be 3.5, which is technically within lab range, but this value is outside of optimal ranges. 

Most women with a TSH of 3.5 will experience weight loss resistance, lowered energy, feeling sluggish, and even constipation. So even though you're within lab ranges, you may be struggling with symptoms.

Limited Context
Most doctors are not testing an entire panel of hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA-S, cortisol, full thyroid panel, etc.).

Instead, they usually on test 1-2 hormones and unless there's an abnormality, no further testing or investigation is conducted. As such, the context in which they're investigating your issues and symptoms is quite limited. 

Limited Treatment
This is likely the most important thing for you to understand. Hormone imbalances are not a disease. They are a condition. Your doctor only has solutions for the treatment of disease so technically if you're struggling with a hormone imbalance that isn't putting your life at risk, your doctor isn't the person that can help you. 

How will Saliva Hormone Testing & Results Reading help me?

Getting your hormones tested will help us identify the reason for all of your symptoms.  

All hormone testing includes a 45 minute 1:1 Results Reading with me where I will interpret what your results mean, conduct a thorough assessment on you and provide you with customized recommendations (including nutrition, lifestyle and supplements) so that you can get started on your hormone balancing journey and get back to feeling incredible in your body and reaching your health and weight loss goals asap!
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